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“In a secular world, which is what most of us in Europe and North America live in, history takes on the role of showing us good and evil, virtues and vices. Religion no longer plays as important a part as it once did in setting moral standards and transmitting values. . . .History with a capital H is being called in to fill the void. It restores a sense not necessarily of a divine being but of something above and beyond human beings. It is our authority: it can vindicate us and judge us, and damn those who oppose us.”

Margaret MacMillan, The Uses and Abuses of History



Margaret MacMillan is a Professor of History at the University of Toronto and the former Warden of St. Antony's College. Her books include Women of the Raj (1988, 2007); Paris 1919: Six Months that Changed the World (2001) for which she was the first woman to win the Samuel Johnson Prize; Nixon in China: Six Days that Changed the World; The Uses and Abuses of History (2008); and Extraordinary Canadians: Stephen Leacock (2009). Her most recent book is The War that Ended Peace. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and a Senior Fellow of Massey College, University of Toronto, Honorary Fellow of Trinity College, University of Toronto and of St Hilda’s College, University of Oxford, and sits on the boards of the Mosaic Institute and the editorial boards of International History and First World War Studies. She is also a Trustee of the Rhodes Trust.

She has honorary degrees from the University of King’s College, the Royal Military College, The University of Western Ontario, Ryerson University, Toronto, Huron University College of the University of Western Ontario, the University of Calgary and the University of Toronto. In 2006 Professor MacMillan was invested as an Officer of the Order of Canada and in 2015 became a Companion.

University of Oxford

St. Antony's College

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University of Oxford

University of Toronto

Trinity College

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University of Toronto



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Recognition and Honours

Duff Cooper Prize

United Kingdom, 2001

Peacemakers(Paris 1919)

PEN Hessell Tiltman Prize

United Kingdom, 2002

Peacemakers (Paris 1919)

Samuel Johnson Prize

United Kingdom, 2003

Peacemakers (Paris 1919)

Governor General's Literary Award

Canada, 2003

Paris 1919 (Peacemakers)

Officer of the Order of Canada

Canada, 2006 - 2015

Companion of the Order of Canada

Canada, 2015

Writers Trust of Canada

Shaughnessy Cohen Prize

Political Writing Finalist

Canada, 2013

The War That Ended Peace

Paddy Power Political Book Awards

International Affairs Book of the Year

United Kingdom, 2014

The War That Ended Peace


Honorary Degrees

University of King's College, Halifax, Canada

Royal Military College of Canada

Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada

Huron University of the University of Western Ontario

University of Calgary

University of Western Ontario

University of Toronto


Served on the boards of:

Canadian Institute for International Affairs

The Atlantic Council of Canada

The Ontario Heritage Foundation


Churchill Society for the Advancement of

      Parliamentary Democracy


Fellow of:

Royal Society of Literature

Honorary Fellow of St. Hilda's College,

     Oxford University

Honorary Fellow of Trinity Collage,

     University of Toronto

Senior Fellow of Massey College,

     University of Toronto

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